Nester's Funky Bowling is a Virtual Boy video game released exclusively in America in 1996. The game is perhaps best known for starring Nester, a sort of mascot for Nintendo Power who was featured in a variety of comics exclusive to the monthly magazine. The game is usually considered lackluster, though has gained its fanbase due to the inclusion of the aforementioned character, including various mentions in the magazine because of this.

As all games for the Virtual Boy, a message will pop up after 20 minutes of playing suggesting that you put the game down and take a break due to eye constraints if you select Automatic Pause.


The game doesn't feature an admirable plot, and was briefly mentioned in the game's instruction booklet, which explains his origins as a character from the comic pages of Nintendo Power. They explain that he is ready to appear, along with his twin sister Hester, in the first ever 3D bowling game. This is the first and only time that Hester was ever mentioned, as she never appeared in the comics.


The game consists of turee primary game modes that include Bowl, Practice and Challenge. Each one can be played with one or two players. Bowl is a simple game that contains ten frames. In practice you will set up the pins the way you prefer, and then you'll be given three chances to knock them down. In challenge mode you'll be given once chance to knock down pins that have been situated in difficult positions.

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