Neon Tiger (or Shining Tigerd in Japanese) is a boss and one of the eight Mavericks in Mega Man X3, designed to resemble a tiger. He was a poacher hunter to protect the forest from danger, until Maverick virus infected him, making him go Maverick.


Mega Man X3

Neon Tiger will be difficult to beat without his weakness. He blocks charged shots. First he'll throw Ray Splashers at X where he's standing. Then, he'll jump on a wall, making X difficult to beat. To let him land on the ground, X must throw a Spinning Blade at him or let him jump. Later, he'll try to use his Ray Claw to slash X where he's standing. Later, he'll use a surprise attack at Mega Man X, making it difficult for him to fight. Tiger will then repeat again.

Mega Man Xtreme 2

Neon Tiger will behave like the one in his first appearance, except he'll shoot Ray Splashers when he's on the wall, but doesn't have an obvious weakness. He'll dash at X, making it difficult to fight. In Extreme, he dashes slowly. He then repeats again.

Other media

  • Neon Tiger appeared in the Rockman X3 manga, making Mega Man X and Zero have trouble beating him.
  • Neon Tiger also appeared in the carddas, Rockman X Mega Mission 2.


  • Neon Tiger (Ray Splasher and Ray Claw) is one of the Mavericks of Mega Man X3 to have different weapons X obtains. The others are Volt Catfish (Triad Thunder and Tri-Thunder) and Blast Hornet (Parasitic Bomb and Bomb Bee).
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