Neo Nectaris is the sequel to the original Military Madness/Nectaris. Originally released for the PC-Engine CD in 1994 and later re-released for the Wii Virtual Console in Japan.


The core gameplay and mechanics from the original game are intact but also greatly improved upon.


The story takes place 10 years after the events from the original game. The officers and scientist of the fallen Guicy Empire have been plotting there revenge on the Allies forces who defeated them by secretly starting up a second uprising by developing new weapons and machinery. Hearing of this information form there spies the Union forces set out the special forces to investigate it. During the mid-point of the game the remaining Guicy personnel and troops managed to evade capture and escaped from Base Nectaris to their stronghold on Mars to make there last stand against the Union army.



  • They were plans for a North American release under the title Military Madness 2 but it was never released. [1]

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