Nekketsu Kakutō Densetsu is a tournament-style fighting game developed and published by Technos Japan exclusively in Japan for the Famicom  on December 23, 1992. It is a spin-off of the Kuni-kun series, as well as Technos Japan's first attempt in the genre since their port of their Double Dragon arcade game on the same platform.

It is also the first fighting game to allow up to four players to play simultaneously against each other. In order for more than two players to play, a multitap (like the 4-Players Adaptor by Hori) is required.


The game is a tournament fighter that focuses on 4 players in an arena. Depending on the selected mode in the game, players fight in either free-for-all or 2-on-2 battles. While all combatants can kick and punch their opponents, each of them have their own abilities, moves, and stats. Some arenas in the game have hazards that players need to pay attention to or risk losing additional health. Whenever a player is knocked out of a match, they will leave behind an item that other surviving players can pick up that can help or hinder them.The last person (or people in 2 vs. 2 fights) standing wins the match alone or for the team.


One day at school, Kunio was minding his own business when suddenly, he found a note on his locker. The note says their is a fighting tournament hosted by the Saber Tiger association. Seeing it as a challenge he could not refuse, Kunio runs off to participate. When Riki sees Kunio running and reads his note, he decides to enter as well. Many other fighters will join in to see who is the strongest.


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