Natasha is a playable character in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. She is a beautiful cleric from Grado, forced to flee because her master (a very well-respected and loved priest, possibly Father McGregor, a "holy man" in her words) discovered Grado's plan to destroy the Sacred Stones and was killed for it, yet managed to entrust Natasha with the secret as he lay dying.

Natasha attempted to flee without being seen, but was discovered in the town of Serafew. Having failed to convince the Grado soldiers that she was no traitor, she immediately sought Eirika's help to make this plan known to other countries, also "recruiting" the myrmidon Joshua whom she encountered next to the local arena.

She is graceful, gentle and serious; according to Joshua, her skill to heal is not only limited to healing the body, but also the mind and the soul of those who ask her for help.


Natasha is a very serious, graceful, and loyal person. In her A supports with Joshua or Seth, she is rather doubtful of making a decision on their proposals, but chooses to accept it anyway.

She is also very kind-hearted and caring, portrayed in her support conversations where she is dedicated to help anyone in anyway that she can. After finding out the reason of Grado's sudden invasion, she is the first character to betray Grado despite the immense danger to her life. Despite this, she is very humble and when she is praised, she quickly claims that she does not deserve it.

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