Nasir ​is a playable character from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. He travels around the continent of Tellius to seek a means to mend the rift between the Beorc and Laguz races.


Path of Radiance

Nasir is first introduced in this game as the captain of a ship sailing under the flag of Begnion. In Chapter 11, he is paid by Gallia to escort the Greil Mercenaries and Princess Elincia safely to Begnion.

Nasir is later revealed to be a double agent, working both as a spy for Gallia and Daein. After successfully gaining Mist's trust, he betrays her by stealing Lehran's Medallion from her and delivering it to the King of Daein. When Nasir later appears before the siblings again, Mist readily forgives him for his actions, giving him little time to explain himself.

As the game nears its conclusion, it is revealed that Nasir is a White Dragon and the grandfather of Ena, and that his main reason for betraying Ike's trust was to reunite Ena with her spouse.

Nasir will return to Goldoa after the end of Mad King's War.

Radiant Dawn

Nasir returns in this game in Chapter 4-E3, where he serves as a vanguard to Dheginsea with Gareth. If the pair survive the chapter, they will join the battle to undo Ashera's judgment.

Although not explicitly stated, Nasir appears to be blessed by Ashera's power, as he is, alongside the Alondite and Ragnell blades, capable of penetrating the Black Knight's armor.

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