Naruto: Path of the Ninja 2 (JP) is a video game released for the Nintendo DS. It is an offshoot of the Naruto anime series, and compared to other games bearing the license it takes a different approach with its RPG choice of genre. Initially released in 2006, a North American launch came about two years later.

The game serves as a sequel to Naruto: Path of the Ninja, which was released back in 2004 for the Game Boy Advance. This game blends together the usual principles of Naruto animes with role-playing elements such as overworlds and battles.

For the first time in the Naruto series, the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection was utilized that had enabled players to fight each other in grid-based battles online. 


The story starts with three dastardly brothers who seek to awake the spirit beast from its slumber and release it from the demonic Valley of Great Evil. These ominous events trigger trouble in the Hidden Leaf Village, and a girl from the town seeks Naruto - the protagonist - for help. 

Naruto and his gang of ninjas agree to investigate the matter and bring an end to the demon's awakening and the villains' plans, by searching for the five mystical mirrors which when collected will seal the spirit beast once more. The beast is later revealed to be a demonic catfish. [1]


The game features the usual elements expected in a role-playing game, with exploration of overworlds and turn-based strategical battles that spring up at random sequences. This is combined with Naruto elements, such as the ninja themes and the "chakra" (magic ninja techniques that each character is equipped with).


During turn-based battles, the battlefield is split up into twelve squares for each side with three characters at a time occupying one square. The placement of characters on each square depending on their ability is tactical, as placing them at the front will both increase the damage they give and take, and vice-versa at the back. 

The chakra techniques also come into play, which are unique for each character. They are unleashed by performing certain commands with the stylus on the lower screen which results in different effects called for such as more powerful attacks and spells. Up to 30 characters are featured in the game for the player to recruit into their army. [2]

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