Nanna ​is a playable character from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War and Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. She is the daughter of Lachesis, the younger sister of Diarmuid, and a cousin of Ares. As a member of the noble family of Agustria's House Nordion, she possesses minor Hezul blood. She is also the canonical love interest of Leif. Her substitute character is Jeanne in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War.


Genealogy of the Holy War

Nanna first appears alongside Finn and Leif in Leonster at the start of Chapter 7 as a playable ally. It is revealed through her conversation with Diarmuid that Lachesis came to Leonster after the Battle of Belhalla and thereafter left Nanna in the care of Finn, disappearing later to search for Diarmuid. As a result, she grew up together with Leif, lacking any knowledge of her mother's whereabouts.

Nanna, alongside Leif and Finn, join Seliph's army when they come to their aid. She is then reunited with her brother, Diarmuid, and her cousin, Ares. She will learn that Lachesis is still missing while conversing with Diarmuid. After capturing Conote, she can share a conversation with Ares, whereby she explains that Sigurd is not Eldigan's murderer.

After the war, if Nanna has been paired up, she will accompany her husband to his homeland. If she is not paired up, she will then return to Nordion with Ares and Diarmuid.

Thracia 776

In this game, Nanna grows up with Leif in Fiana. They arrived in this village at a young age, accompanied by a badly-injured Finn. After hiding in other locations such as Alster and Tahra, Lachesis will finally join them. She will then promptly disappear in her quest to reunite with Diarmuid and Ares. Eyvel will then take on a mother's role, raising Nanna and Leif on Lachesis' behalf. In the later events of the game, Eyvel and her adoptive daughter Mareeta will be kidnapped by Raydrik, but will eventually be rescued by Leif's liberation army.

After the liberation war, Nanna will wed Leif and assist him in the reconstruction of Leonster, as well as the New Kingdom of Thracia. Her kind and selfless nature will eventually earn the admiration of the general populace, who affectionately addresses her as "Princess Nanna".