Nabooru is a member of the Gerudo and one of the seven sages in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 64. In the game she rebels against her ruler Ganondorf, though because of her high position and tactics she is capable of avoiding any member of the tribe to notice. Like all of the sages, Nabooru will help Link defeat Ganon.


Link won't meet Nabooru until much later in the game when he returns to the past. Even before she met Link she was disgruntled with Ganondorf, though as formerly mentioned would not make this fact apparent. Early on she would attempt to halt his plans by entering the Spirit Temple, though in order to do so she needed to come in possession of the Silver Gauntlets, which she could not obtain because of her size compared to the crawl space. When the much smaller young Link arrived, she asked if he would enter the temple and retrieve them, and he did so. When returning to give them to Nabooru, he watched in horror as she was dragged away by Koume and Kotake, two higher ups.

Following this Link decided to follow through the task that Nabooru set for herself and enter the Spirit Temple by traveling to the future and doing so. Seven years later, Nabooru had been corrupted by the Gerudo and was placed inside of a shell that controlled her actions.

Her two kidnappers fused together to make Twinrova. In this new form they were both more powerful than ever. Link managed to save Nabooru, though Twinrova kidnapped her once more. Link fought and killed Twinrova, which saved Nabooru and awakened her inner sage.


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