Nabbit is a rabbit-like thief that first appeared in New Super Mario Bros. U, robbing Toad Houses. He later becomes a part of the cast, assisting Luigi in New Super Luigi U and appearing in various spinoffs.


Nabbit has most of his looks appearing to be concealed with a purple cloth or some sort of clothing, leaving room for his ears, though, his eyes can be seen. He wears a bib-like white cloth with a drawn red mouth, with pointy teeth, similar to Bowser Jr.'s mask. His arms seem to be covered in black sleeves, and has white gloves on his hands, with one hand carrying a sack with a mushroom's design on it. He sports black pants underneath. Lastly, he wears orange shoes, with tan soles.

Main series

Nabbit makes his first appearance in New Super Mario Bros. U. In each world, he steals power-ups from a Toad House and the players must catch him by chasing him down in the level he hides in.

In the expansion, New Super Luigi U, Nabbit makes his first playable appearance as the fourth character. If the players do not use him, he retains his role from the original. As a playable character, Nabbit is essentially easy mode. No enemy hurts so, the player can just focus on the platforming.

Super Smash Bros.

Trophy Descriptions

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

An underhanded little rascal who steals items from the Toad Houses and runs away with them. If you can catch him, Toad might repay you with a nice present. In New Super Luigi U, he even manages to nab a position as a playable character! From burglar to hero in the blink of an eye... Not bad work, all things considered.
Wii U - New Super Mario Bros. U - 11/2012
Wii U - New Super Luigi U - 06/2013

Other appearances

Mario Party

He makes his first appearance in the series in Mario Party 10, in the Bowser Party mode. Here, he occasionally steals dice from Bowser, which inadvertently helps the other players.

Mario Golf: World Tour

Nabbit makes his first appearance outside the main games as a DLC character for the Flower Pack in Mario Golf: World Tour. His animations for finishing holes reflect his actions from the Mario series.

Mario and Sonic

He makes his first appearance in the series in Mario and Sonic at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. It's currently unknown what type of character he is, but he appears to be a faster one based on the footage.


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