NHL Stanley Cup is a sports game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System released in 1993. It's an ice hockey video game published in North America and Europe, but not Japan. In Europe, it was published under the title Super Hockey.


Three game modes are available: Exhibition, Season, and Best of Seven Series. Exhibition is only one game. Season is where the player(s) can play through an entire National Hockey League season and compete for the trophy, the Stanley Cup. Finally, Best of Seven Series is just that, a series in which the teams compete until one of them gets four wins.

A built-in battery back-up allows players to save and continue their Seasons. Game statistics, different difficulty levels, the ability to skip games in the Season schedule, and a broadcaster giving game and period wrap-ups are all available in the game.

As in the real-world sport of hockey, the object is to score more goals than the opposing team to win the game.


All the NHL teams, including the expansion teams (Florida Panthers and Mighty Ducks of Anaheim), are available in-game. The game was licensed by the NHL, but not the NHLPA (Players Association) so all teams and logos are in the game, but not real-life players and rosters.

Eastern Conference (Formerly "Prince of Wales")

Atlantic Division (Formerly "Patrick Division")

Northeast Division (Formerly "Adams Division")

Western Conference (Formerly "Clarence Campbell")

Central Division (Formerly "Norris Division")

Pacific Division (Formerly "Smythe Division")


The game is noted as being one of the first games on the SNES to use the Mode 7 technology, which allows for a partial 3D image. It's the first hockey game on a Nintendo system to have a 3D (or semi-3D) look to it.

Box Art

Though there are no names and numbers on the players jerseys on the box art, the two characters portrayed resemble the two hottest players that playoff season, Wayne Gretzky (forward for the Los Angeles Kings) and Patrick Roy (goaltender for the Montreal Canadiens) who met in the 1993 Stanley Cup Finals.


A trick to scoring a lot of easy goals is to shoot the puck from the offensive blue line as the puck-carrier is skating into the attacking zone. The puck will flip over the goalie and right into the net behind him.



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