NHL 97 is a sports game (focused on ice hockey) for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It was released in North America and Europe.


The game had slightly improved graphics and better animation than the series' previous installments. A "skills competition" was introduced in this game that included accuracy shooting and hardest shot. This is also the first game where real-life sports announcer Jim Hughson does the in-game play-by-play. And it's the final game of EA's NHL series to be released in Europe on the Super Nintendo.

As in the real-world sport of hockey, the object is to score more goals than the opposing team to win the game.


Since the game is licensed by the National Hockey League and it's Player's Association, all real-world NHL teams and players from that year are included in the game.

Box Art

The box art for the game has a still shot of goaltender John Vanbiesbrouck from the Florida Panthers, the losing team in the previous season's Stanley Cup Final.

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