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NASCAR 2005: Chase For The Cup GameCube Boxart.

NASCAR 2005 Chase For The Cup is the first NASCAR game for the GameCube to not end with "Thunder". It features a new (to the series) "Fight To The Top Mode" where you win a race against Ryan Newman, driving through New York, and he signs you up to the NASCAR Featherlite Modified Series and as you proggress through the game you will get offers to join different NASCAR series depending on how well you race. The game also features a Hero/Villian meter. So depending on how you drive, your Hero/Villian meter will go up (Hero) or down (Villian). The Hero meter fills when you win without using tactics that could anger other drivers. They can also share draft with other drivers more easily.Your Villian meter fills when you do whatever it takes to win - even if that means knocking other drivers out of the race. Villians can also intimadate other drivers more easily using intimidator control. (Causing them to make mistakes.) It also features a few other modes like the Chase For The Cup Mode, Race Now Mode, Season Mode and a few others. You are also able to customize your car and character. Unfortunatly, it recieved a little lower ratings than the PS2 and Xbox versions for it's lack of no online multiplayer gameplay. It was the last NASCAR game realesed for the GameCube.

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