[NAME REDACTED] is an ARMS stage, added in the 5.0 Update. It is the home stage to Dr. Coyle. It is a secret lab similar to DNA Lab


The stage is rather oddly shaped with it mainly being rectangular with an alcove on each side where the fighters start from. The main gimmick of this stage is the conveyor belt with the large test tubes. The test tubes move along above the conveyor belt, acting as moving obstacles. The lines for the test tubes alternate and are spaced out enough that only two test tubes per line are every on stage with the test tube rising as it approaches the other side. When punched, the test tubes only sway. On the side of the conveyor belt is a slightly lower floor with stairs at both ends.

Official Description

"Dr. Coyle's top-secret research facility at ARMS Laboratories. The conveyor belt that winds through the room—the one transporting all those unsettling test tubes—was installed to intentionally disturb visitors. Beyond the central fighting area, the doctor's many scientific awards and pet projects line the walls."

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