N64 Magazine V15 is the Fifteenth issue of the popular N64 Magazine. The cover featured in this issue features Mission: Impossible.


Future Look


International Superstar Soccer '98

GT 64

World Cup 98

Planet 64

Nintendo Unite Europe*

Game Boy...now in Colour!

Golden Tonne


Tokyo Game Show 1998

DIY Games!

Short Cuts

New N64 Games!

Pure Gold

It's Your Destiny

Sales for Fighters Destiny preformed very well in the UK.

Milking It

Fanzine Farm

Famicom Go!!

Extreme Consoles

New Goods

Product Manufacturer Score
Blaze Jolt Pack 256
Blaze Memory Card 256


Title Publisher System Score
Famcicom Disk System
Halley Wars
Taito Corporation
Famcicom Disk System

Coming Soon

Space Circus

Looney Toons Space Race

F-Zero X

Body Harvest

Space Jelly

Robotech: Crystal Dreams

Silicon Valley

Turok 2


RPG News

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Ask FuSoYa

An Ear to the Ground

Here games that are mention in the article:

Information Station

Ultra Release List (May 1998)

Top 10 Official UK N64 Chart
1 Fighters Destiny
2. GoldenEye 007
3. Snowboard Kids
4. WCW vs. nWo: World Tour
5. FIFA: Road to World Cup 98

6. Diddy Kong Racing
7. Super Mario 64
8. Mario Kart 64
9. Turok: Dinosaur Hunter
10. Tetrisphere

Top 5 Import Chart
1. 1080° Snowboarding
2. Yoshi's Story
3. G.A.S.P!! Fighters' NEXTream
4. Fighters Destiny
5. GoldenEye 007

N64 5 Most Played
1. Yoshi's Story
2. 1080° Snowboarding
3. Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon
4. Snowboard Kids
5. GoldenEye 007

N64 5 Most Wanted
1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
2. International Superstar Soccer '98
3. Banjo-Kazooie
4. Mission: Impossible
5. Turok 2

Readers 5 Most Played
1. Super Mario 64
2. GoldenEye 007
3. Diddy Kong Racing
4. Lylat Wars
5. Mario Kart 64

Readers 5 Most Wanted
1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
2. 1080° Snowboarding
3. Holy Magic Century
4. Mother 3
5. F-Zero X

Made In Japan

Nintendo Wise Up

Grow up or Throw up?

Nintendo Short Cuts

Earth calling Nintendo, Earth calling Nintendo

ASCII get Desperate


An Englishman in Tokyo



Title Publisher Score Reviewer
Yoshi's Story
Tim Weaver
Ocean Software
James Price
GT Interactive
James Price

Import Arena

Title Publisher Score Reviewer
G.A.S.P!! Fighters' NEXTream
Martin Kitts
Susume! Taisen Puzzle Dama
Tim Weaver
Olympic Hockey 98
Midway Games
Martin Kitts


How to Survive the Gaming Underground

Lylat Wars Championship: Results

N64 Special Investigations

Mission: Impossible

N64 Magazine Investigate

The 30 Most Important People in the Nintendo Universe

30: Mario Segali

29: Nintendo Power

28: Ganon

27: Alexey Pajitnov

26: Bowser

25: Fox McCloud

24: Iriko Shoichiro

23: Donkey Kong

22: Ken Kutagari

21: Yoshi

20: John Riccitiello

19: Masaya Nakamura

18: Link

17: Kenzo Toshimoto

16: Matsunaga Hikaru

15: Shigeru Ota

14: Gunpei Yokoi

13: Hiroshi Imanishi

12: Kuniaki Kinoshita

11: Takashi Tezuka

10/9: Stamper brothers

8: Mario

7: The Player

6: The Analogue Stick

5: Howard Lincoln

4: Minoru Arakawa

3: Peter Main

2: Hiroshi Yamauchi

1: Shigeru Miyamoto

How to...

Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon

Snowboard Kids

GoldenEye 007

Tips Extra

The Nintendo Hotline

Skill Club 64

I'm The Best

Diddy Kong Racing

Mario Kart 64

Star Fox 64/Lylat Wars

Super Mario 64

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

Wave Race 64

Club 64

Dream On

Craig Silcocks: Wario 64

Colin Sales: Revenge of the Mutant Camels 64

Lawrence Gilbey: Robot Wars 64

Bonus Letters

Inventor Corner

Thomas Bird: Talk Back Pak

Marc Eastham: Dust Protector 64

Will Smethwick: Travel Set

So Tell Me This...

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