N&B Blocks(JP) are toys that Nintendo created in 1968 to compete against the popular LEGO brand. Several different sets were released in the 1960s that proved to be very popular. Nintendo aired advertisements comparing LEGO bricks to N&B Blocks that showcased how attractive their circular pieces were when compared to the blocky LEGO bricks.

The LEGO company sued Nintendo because of this, but Nintendo ultimately won. Nintendo would eventually discontinue the brand in the early 1970s.

Sets and more

Image Name Description
NB Playbook.png Playbook Features several instructions. The boy on the cover is Hiroshi Yamauchi's son.
N&B Clock.jpg N&B Block Clocks Functioning clocks made out of N&B Blocks.
NandB house.jpg N&B Block House Four different houses were released by Nintendo.
QuestionBlock.jpg N&B Doubutsu Sets Different animals such as panda bears and giraffes.
N&B Rover.jpg N&B Crator A moving moon rover that came equipped with mines designed by Gunpei Yokoi.
QuestionBlock.jpg N&B Block Ringer Came with bells that rang when hit.
QuestionBlock.jpg N&B Rabbit Coaster A Rabbit Coaster made of N&B Blocks.
QuestionBlock.jpg N&B Train A train set made of N&B Blocks.
NB Super Hero.png Osetsu Set et Heroes Silver Kamen themed set.
Gondola NB.png N&B Gondola A revolving gondola.
QuestionBlock.jpg N&B Flowers A flower set.


  • In Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, the last stage of Mario Zone is almost entirely comprised of N&B Blocks. This is confirmed by the fact that one of the blocks, part of a large staircase made of them, has "N&B" on it.
  • Gunpei Yokoi assisted in the creation of the N&B Creator set. According to a patent, he designed the mines that came equipped with the blocks.
  • Every People House set came with N&B Blocks to decorate the house with.
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