The Mystery Mushroom is a new power-up in Super Mario Maker that changes the appearance of Mario to a different character in 8-bit form. The power-up is exclusive to the Super Mario Bros. theme as a replacement for the Super Leaf/Cape/Propeller Mushroom in the other themes. When worn, it is called Costume Mario.


The Mystery Mushroom is functionally the same as a regular Super Mushroom. However, the Mystery Mushroom does not affect his size too much, keeping him tiny. When just placed normally, the Mushroom will give the player a random costume. Selecting a character from its menu will make that character always appear from that Mystery Mushroom.

Each of the costumes have their own animations, death jingle, end level jingle, and most have their own sound effects. Each costume also has their own pose that can be performed by moving the joystick upwards.

List of Costumes

Costumes are in the same order as the in-game menu. The unlock method is the method without amiibo. Unless specified, the unlock method indicates what level of difficult of the 100 Mario Challenge that needs completion. All costumes after 101 are unlocked via complete certain event courses. The amiibo column indicates if the respective amiibo can be used to unlock the costume

Number Costume Character Origin Unlock Method Amiibo
1 SMM Mystery Mushroom.png Mystery Mushroom Super Mario Maker Unlock the element No
2 SMM Mario.png Mario Super Mario Bros. Easy Yes
3 SMM Peach.png Peach Mario series Normal Yes
4 SMM Luigi.png Luigi Mario series Normal Yes
5 SMM Bowser.png Bowser Super Mario Bros. Expert Yes
6 SMM Goomba.png Goomba Super Mario Bros. Unlock the element No
7 SMM Block.png ? Block Super Mario Bros. Unlock the element No
8 Trampoline.png Trampoline Super Mario Bros. Unlock the element No
9 SMM Toad.png Toad Mario series Easy Yes
10 SMM Bowser Jr.png Bowser Jr. Super Mario Sunshine Normal Yes
11 SMM Silver Mario.png Silver Mario Super Mario Maker Expert Yes
12 SMM Gold Mario.png Gold Mario Super Mario Maker Expert Yes
13 SMM Builder Mario.png Builder Mario Super Mario Maker Normal Gnat Attack No
14 SMM Yoshi.png Yoshi Yoshi's Island Easy Yes
15 SMM Shy Guy.png Shy Guy Super Mario Bros. 2 Easy No
16 SMM Wario.png Wario Wario Land Easy Yes
17 SMM Rosalina.png Rosalina Super Mario Galaxy Normal Yes
18 SMM Sidestepper.png Sidestepper Mario Bros. Expert No
19 SMM Shellcreeper.png Shellcreeper Mario Bros. Expert No
20 SMM Mario 2.png Mario Mario Bros. Expert No
21 SMM Dr Mario.png Dr. Mario Dr. Mario Easy Yes
22 SMM Kart Mario.png Kart Mario Super Mario Kart Easy No
23 SMM Waluigi.png Waluigi Mario Tennis Easy Yes
24 SMM Green Yarn Yoshi.png Green Yarn Yoshi Yoshi's Woolly World Easy Yes
25 SMM Pink Yarn Yoshi.png Pink Yarn Yoshi Yoshi's Woolly World Normal Yes
26 SMM Light Blue Yarn Yoshi.png Light-Blue Yarn Yoshi Yoshi's Woolly World Normal Yes
27 SMM Mega Yarn Yoshi.png Mega Yarn Yoshi Yoshi's Woolly World Expert Yes
28 SMM Donkey Kong Jr.png Donkey Kong Jr. Donkey Kong Jr. Easy No
29 SMM Donkey Kong.png Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Normal Yes
30 SMM Diddy Kong.png Diddy Kong Donkey Kong Country Normal Yes
31 SMM Kirby.png Kirby Kirby's Dream Land Normal Yes
32 SMM King Dedede.png King Dedede Kirby's Dream Land Expert Yes
33 SMM Meta Knight.png Meta Knight Kirby's Adventure Normal Yes
34 SMM Pit.png Pit Kid Icarus Normal Yes
35 SMM Palutena.png Palutena Kid Icarus Normal Yes
36 SMM Dark Pit.png Dark Pit Kid Icarus: Uprising Normal Yes
37 SMM Mega Man.png Mega Man Mega Man Normal Yes
38 SMM Samus.png Samus Metroid Normal Yes
39 SMM Zero Suit Samus.png Zero Suit Samus Metroid: Zero Mission Expert Yes
40 SMM ROB NES.pngSMM ROB FAMICOM.png R.O.B. Nintendo Entertainment System Normal Yes
41 SMM Marth.png Marth Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon Normal Yes
42 SMM Ike.png Ike Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Normal Yes
43 SMM Lucina.png Lucina Fire Emblem Awakening Expert Yes
44 SMM Robin.png Robin Fire Emblem Awakening Expert Yes
45 SMM Pikachu.png Pikachu Pokemon Red/Blue Normal Yes
46 SMM Charizard.png Charizard Pokemon Red/Blue Normal Yes
47 SMM Jigglypuff.png Jigglypuff Pokemon Red/Blue Normal Yes
48 SMM Mewtwo.png Mewtwo Pokemon Red/Blue Normal Yes
49 SMM Lucario.png Lucario Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Expert Yes
50 SMM Greninja.png Greninja Pokemon X and Y Expert Yes
51 SMM Olimar.png Captain Olimar Pikmin Expert Yes
52 SMM Pikmin.png Pikmin Pikmin Easy No
53 SMM Link.png Link The Legend of Zelda Easy Yes
54 SMM Zelda.png Zelda The Legend of Zelda Expert Yes
55 SMM Ganondorf.png Ganondorf Ocarina of Time Easy Yes
56 SMM Sheik.png Shiek Ocarina of Time Normal Yes
57 SMM Tingle.png Tingle Majora's Mask Normal No
58 SMM Toon Link.png Toon Link The Wind Waker Normal Yes
59 SMM Shulk.png Shulk Xenoblade Chronicles Normal Yes
60 SMM Ness.png Ness Earthbound Normal Yes
61 SMM Lucas.png Lucas Mother 3 Expert Yes
62 SMM Inkling Squid.png Inkling Squid Splatoon Normal Yes
63 SMM Inkling Boy.png Inkling Boy Splatoon Expert Yes
64 SMM Inkling Girl.png Inkling Girl Splatoon Expert Yes
65 SMM Wii Fit Balance.png Wii Balance Board Wii Fit Normal No
66 SMM Wii Fit Trainer.png Wii Fit Trainer Wii Fit Normal Yes
67 SMM Chibi Robo.png Chibi-Robo Chibi-Robo! Normal Yes
68 SMM Villager.png Villager Animal Crossing Normal Yes
69 SMM Tom Nook.png Tom Nook Animal Crossing Expert Yes
70 SMM KK Slider.png K.K. Slider Animal Crossing Easy Yes
71 SMM Resetti.png Resetti Animal Crossing Normal Yes
72 SMM Rover.png Rover Animal Crossing Expert Yes
73 SMM Timmy & Tommy.png Timmy & Tommy Animal Crossing Normal Yes
74 SMM Blathers.png Blathers Animal Crossing Easy Yes
75 SMM Mabel.png Mabel Animal Crossing Normal Yes
76 SMM Kappn.png Kapp'n Animal Crossing Expert Yes
77 SMM Celeste.png Celeste Animal Crossing: Wild World Easy Yes
78 SMM Kicks.png Kicks Animal Crossing: City Folk Normal Yes
79 SMM Isabelle Summer.png Isabelle (Summer) Animal Crossing: New Leaf Normal Yes
80 SMM Isabelle Winter.png Isabelle (Winter) Animal Crossing: New Leaf Expert Yes
81 SMM Digby.png Digby Animal Crossing: New Leaf Easy Yes
82 SMM Cyrus.png Cyrus Animal Crossing: New Leaf Normal Yes
83 SMM Reese.png Reese Animal Crossing: New Leaf Expert Yes
84 SMM Lottie.png Lottie Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Expert Yes
85 SMM Captain Falcon.png Captain Falcon F-Zero Normal Yes
86 SMM MrGame.png Mr. Game & Watch Game & Watch Expert Yes
87 SMM Sonic.png Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog Expert Yes
88 SMM Duck Hunt.png Duck Hunt Duck Hunt Normal Yes
89 SMM PACMAN.png PAC-MAN Pac-Man Expert Yes
90 SMM Wrecking Guy.png Foreman Spike Wrecking Crew Normal No
91 SMM Little Mac.png Little Mac Punch-Out!! Expert Yes
92 SMM Fox.png Fox McCloud Star Fox Expert Yes
93 SMM Falco.png Falco Lombardi Star Fox Expert Yes
94 SMM Slippy.png Slippy Toad Star Fox Easy No
95 SMM Peppy.png Peppy Hare Star Fox Normal No
96 SMM Arwing 1.pngSMM Arwing 2.png Arwing Star Fox Zero Normal No
97 SMM Mahjong.png Mahjong Tile Yakuman Ho-o Normal No
98 SMM Dr Lobe.png Dr. Lobe Big Brain Academy Easy No
99 SMM Ashley.png Ashley WarioWare: Touched! Easy No
100 SMM Nikki.png Nikki Swapnote Normal No
101 SMM Fighter Fly.png Fighter Fly Mario Bros. Hard Gnat Attack No
102 SMM Totem Link 2.png Totem Link Tri Force Heroes Event Course No
103 SMM Arino.png Arino KACHO GAMECENTER CX Event Course No
104 SMM Super Mario Kun 2.png Super Mario Kun CORO CORO COMIC Event Course No
105 SMM Cat Mario.png Cat Mario Super Mario 3D World Event Course No
106 SMM Cat Peach.png Cat Peach Super Mario 3D World Event Course No
107 SMM Necky 2.png Necky Famitsu Event Course No
SMM Frog Mario.png
Frog Mario Super Mario Bros. 3 Event Course No
109 SMM Mario Trio 2.png Mario Trio Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Event Course No
110 SMM GLA.png GLA Mercedes-Benz Event Course No
111 SMM Felyne 2.png Felyne Monster Hunter Event Course No
112 SMM Fly Pop.png Sky Pop Super Mario Land Event Course No
113 SMM Arcade Bunny 2.png Arcade Bunny Nintendo Badge Arcade Event Course No
114 SMM Master Belch 2.png Master Belch EarthBound Event Course No
115 SMM Mr Saturn 2.png Mr. Saturn EarthBound Event Course No
116 SMM Captain Toad.png Captain Toad Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Event Course No
117 SMM Bike.png Bike Excitebike Event Course No
118 SMM Birdo.png Birdo Super Mario Bros. 2 Event Course No
119 SMM Yamamura 2.png Yamamura Super Mario Maker Event Course No
120 SMM Daisy 2.png Daisy Super Mario Land Event Course No
121 SMM E Gadd 2.png E. Gadd Luigi's Mansion Event Course No
122 SMM Bulbasaur 2.png Bulbasaur Pokemon Red/Blue Event Course No
123 SMM Charmander 2.png Charmander Pokemon Red/Blue Event Course No
124 SMM Squirtle 2.png Squirtle Pokemon Red/Blue Event Course No
125 SMM Chitoge 2.png Chitoge Kirisaki Nisekoi Event Course No
126 SMM Barbara 2.png Barbara the Bat Jam With The Band Event Course No
127 SMM Statue Mario.png Statue Mario Super Mario Bros. 3 Event Course No
128 SMM Mashiko.png Mary O. (US)

Mashiko (JP, EUR, other)

Super Mario Maker Event Course No
129 SMM Toadette 2.png Toadette Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Event Course No
130 SMM Yu 2.png Yu Ayasaki Daigasso! Band Bros. P Event Course No
131 SMM Starfy 2.png Starfy The Legendary Starfy Event Course No
132 SMM Wolf Link.png Wolf Link Twilight Princess Event Course Yes
133 SMM Balloon Fighter.png Balloon Fighter Balloon Fight Normal No
134 SMM Nabbit.png Nabbit New Super Mario Bros. U Normal No
135 SMM Tetra.png Tetra The Wind Waker Normal No
136 SMM Donbe.png Donbe Shin Onigashima Expert No
137 SMM Hikari.png Hikari Shin Onigashima Expert No
138 SMM Tachibana.png Ayumi Tachibana Famicom Detective Club II Expert No
139 SMM Baby Mario.png Baby Mario Yoshi's Island Expert No
140 SMM Iris.png Iris Archwell Monster Manor Super Expert No
141 SMM Mallo.png Mallo Pushmo Super Expert No
142 SMM Clu Clu.png Bubbles Clu Clu Land Super Expert No
143 SMM Diskun.png Diskun Famicom Disk System Super Expert No
144 SMM Volleyball Player.png Volleyball Player Volleyball Super Expert No
146 SMM Popo & Nana 2.png Popo & Nana Ice Climber Event Course No
147 SMM Kitty White.png Kitty White Hello Kitty Event Course No
148 SMM Melody.png Melody My Melody Event Course No


SMM Shaun the Sheep.png Shaun the Sheep Shaun the Sheep Event Course No


Undodog Super Mario Maker Event Course No


Dr. Kawashima Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! Event Course No


Callie Splatoon Event Course Yes
153 Marie Splatoon Event Course Yes


  • Originally, the costumes were called Mystery Suits though this name changed in the final game.
  • Despite being costume number 112, the Sky Pop costume and the level in which it was introduced were released after costumes 113 to 118.
    • Similarly, the Event Course costumes 129 to 131 were released after Wolf Link (unlocked by amiibo) and the 100 Mario Challenge costumes 133 to 144, which were released with the 1.40 game update.
  • In the amiibo compatibility list on the official Nintendo website, the Wolf Link amiibo is not marked as compatible for Super Mario Maker, which is incorrect.
  • Before the version 1.41 patch was released on March 17, 2016, in the English versions of Super Mario Maker, the Wolf Link costume text was in Japanese.
  • Along with the Wolf Link event course, an event course for a Mary O. costume was released, with "test" as its title and description, implying an error concerning a premature release of the course. It was soon removed from the server, but was still playable in the time it was up, granting the players the costume early
  • Wolf Link is currently the only Event Course costume that can alternatively be unlocked by scanning an amiibo.
  • The only amiibo that do not yet have a matching costume are: Ryu, Roy, Shovel Knight, Mii Brawler, Mii Swordfighter, Mii Gunner and all the amiibo cards that aren't of existing characters that have costumes.
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