Mystery Land is one of the boards in Mario Party 2. In Mystery Land, players are dressed as explorers.

Board Elements

The board is split into 4 quadrants. The players starts in the lower right. The players can move between quadrants either by landing on a Happening Space which warp into another quadrant, or pay the Bob-omb UFO 10 coins to go between the quadrants. The UFO has a risk of taking the player to a useless loop between the top right and lower right quadrants. It only has red spaces and Happening Spaces and no stars appear there. Players can leave the top right or bottom left quadrants assuming they have a Skeleton key.

The two right quadrants have Shy Guy Houses here players can pay 5 coins to curse a player's next roll to be between 1 and 3 spaces similar to Poison Mushrooms in later games.

Board Minigames

The item minigame is Mallet-Go-Round. The player attempts to use a hammer to known down two blocks on a roulette to get an item. Each time a block is knocked down, the roulette changes direction and spins faster. If the player knocks down Baby Bowser or does nothing, the player loses.

The duel minigame is Psychic Safari. The players power-up their relics with psychic energy by alternating A & B. The relic is more powerful with more presses and the player wins the duel


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