Mynx​ is a playable character in the game Mario Tennis: Power Tour. She is a technique-type character, her doubles partner is Dweezil, and her power shot is the Flashflop Shot. She has a lot of confidence in Dweezil, but after he loses to Willy, she loses all confidence in herself and is swept by Willy in the semifinals. She doesn't see the player's skill at first and says it is going to be "decades" before getting to play Team Dweezil (echoing a comment by Sylvia in junior class), but when the player advances to round two they acknowledge their skill. Mynx is also implied to be somewhat of a rival to Tori. She seems to serve mostly as a cheerleader (or possible girlfriend) to Dweezil when in doubles, but has a personality much like Kyoko's or Sylvia's in singles. However, unlike Oscar, she recognizes Clay and Ace as a legitimate threat if they have won or are a finalist in the singles tournament.

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