MySims SkyHeroes is a video game developed by Behaviour Interactive and published by Electronic Arts.


MySims SkyHeroes is an aviation game that features a solo campaign, boss battles, local co-op, and online multiplayer. There are upgrades for the planes through a plane editor which will allow players to customize a plane using parts like wings and engines acquired by completing missions. Some upgrades are purely decorative, like wheel styles, but wing, engine and body upgrades upgrade stats using a three star rating system.


The multi-player modes available are racing and battle modes. In multi-player, users which have a game profile will be able to use their saved planes and avatars.


The player starts out as an unknown pilot and leads the resistance to the evil Morcubus and his drones who plan to take over the skyways. The player will have to team up with NPC characters to defeat Morcubus.


The game received mixed reviews among critics. IGN gave the Wii version a 7.0, commenting on the game's simple controls but felt that the game has nothing really special about it. "The story mode is missing the clever writing that was enjoyed in some of the previous MySims games, and the lack of variety in the missions makes most of them feel like a chore". "Multiplayer can be fun, but it's not doing anything we haven't seen before". IGN gave the DS version a score of just 5.0 commenting that MySims SkyHeroes is oddly more complicated and way less fun than the console versions. The punishing gameplay takes away what could have been a really fun multiplayer experience.

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