MySims is a video game for the Wii, PC, and Nintendo DS. It is based on The Sims games.


In the game, you need to rebuild the town by building homes and stores. You also plant trees which give you resources such as green apples and wood. When you make people happy they will give you happiness resources.


The Player comes to a town, which the Player names, and helps Mayor Rosalyn P. Marshall bring it back to life. The Player builds his/her own house, and builds his/her own workshop. You start out working for the mayor, and furnishing the town hall. Next the player fixes up the town flower shop. After doing so, Chef Gino arrives at the hotel. You build him a restaurant, and soon, your town reaches the next star level, which unlocks more Sims to move in, and more blueprints to use. From there on, you are given the liberty to create and design your town however you like, as well as the furniture you build for your citizens to use.



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