Mute City is a stage in the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U based on the original F-ZERO's Mute City track

Stage Features

The stage consists a racer and two floating platforms of changing height. The track itself is an active hitbox and will launch players vertically. Missing the track will still act as a regular bottom blast zone. Occasionally, a second racer will try driving off the current racer off the track, adding another platform temporarily. The racer occasionally get rammed into the track boundary and players on the edge get damaged if they touch boundary while on the racer. When the word "CHECK" is on the screen, one racer is about to be driven off, resulting in those who stay on it to be carried off stage.

The racer will race through the pit stop every other lap, indicated by a beam of light repairing the vehicle. During this short period, the beam's source acts as a barrier that will bounce launched players headed in its direction back. When the racer goes off a ramp, the bottom and the sides of the car become active hitboxes until it lands on the track again.

The Omega Version is on a single yellow platform with red lights on the side. It goes along the course still though it has no bearing on the blast zone and the Blue Falcon can be seen below racing on the track.

Trophy Description

F-Zero is an interstellar race spread over nine different planets. The Blue Falcon sprints through Mute City, the first circuit in the Knight League. Fighters must do battle as they move between the various racing machines, being careful not to get knocked off and left behind in this high-speed stage.


  • Mute City (Original)
  • Mute City (Ver. 3)


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