Mute City in F-Zero GX.

Mute City is, arguably, the most popular fictional city featured in the F-ZERO series. In the video games, the city was once known as Mutant City, and before that was named New York City (referring to the populous real-world city of the same name), suggesting that Mute City is apparently in the United States. It was also the very first racing circuit to be featured in the entire F-ZERO series

In the game, the city is known as the most advanced city in not only the world or galaxy, but the most advanced city in the entire known universe. It is greatly known to be a major place for F-Zero racing. The race circuit is placed high above along with the city's tallest structures. Mute City is very close in design and architecture to Aeropolis.

The city contains over one billion people, and thus has an awful amount of pollution, making the entire city always black and raging with thunder storms. Scientists there though have been able to harness the energy of these storms, which not only allows them to power Mute City and other cities on Earth, though hundreds of other planets that need power.


The races that live in Mute City consist of multiple alien beings - thousands in fact. Obviously, the city largely populated with humans as well.


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