Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition is an arcade-styled football game by Digital Dream Entertainment for the Nintendo Switch. It is a spiritual successor to Electronic Arts' Mutant League Football series. It is an over-the-top and violent interpretation of football.


The game is a football game with each player is a mutant. The varieties are Skeletal Deadheads, Monstrous Orcs, BruiserBots, Mutant-Humans, Hell-Spawned Demons, Rampaging Werewolves, and Criminal Aliens. There are seven players on each side. There are normal plays on top of various dirty tricks like bribing the referee or chainsawing through opposing line. The field is covered with obstacles like buzzsaws and landmines.


Monster Conference

  • Blitzburg Steelheads
  • Cracksumskull Jugulars
  • Croakland Invaders
  • Full Metal Mayhem
  • Galaxy Chaos
  • Hexxon Oilers
  • Insane Cults
  • Karcass City Creeps
  • Leaveland Burns
  • Los Scandalous Volts
  • Mile High Chronic
  • Nuked London Hatriots
  • Orcs of Hazzard
  • Tokyo Terminators

Mutant Conference

  • Cardinal Sins
  • Deadlanta Vultures
  • Grim Bay Attackers
  • Killadelphia Evils
  • Los Scandalous Damned
  • Malice Hellboys
  • Microhard Mutilators
  • Midway Mutants
  • Motor City Maniacs
  • New Goreleans Zombies
  • New Yuck Tyrants
  • Purple Mutant Eaters
  • Scarolina Panzers


  • The Insane Cults offense player Vitas Varnas is named after the real-life actor, writer and producer of the same name.[1]


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