Super Mushroom

Mushrooms are a type of item in the Mario series. They were inspired by Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, where Alice changes size by eating mushrooms.

Types by Introductory game

Super Mario Bros.

Lost Levels

  • Poison Mushroom - acts like an enemy, reducing Super Mario to normal Mario or killing Normal Mario

Paper Mario

New Super Mario Bros.

  • Mega Mushroom - temporarily makes Mario extremely large and invincible
  • Tiny Shroom - shrinks Mario, making him tiny but able to jump very high and large

Super Mario Galaxy

  • Bee Mushroom - allows Mario to fly for a short period of time, and keeps Mario from getting stuck in honey
  • Boo Mushroom - makes Mario float, and allows him to pass through certain wall upon shaking the Wii Remote.
  • Spring Mushroom - forces Mario to jump repeatedly, and will allow Mario to jump higher upon pressing the A Button.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

  • Rock Mushroom - allows Mario to drop bridges, fly off ramps, and break into certain rocks with a shake of the Wii Remote.
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