Mushroom Pikmin is a type of Pikmin that can be found in Pikmin for the Nintendo GameCube and New Play Control! for Wii. Go to The Forest Navel stage and find the Puffstool and Olimar must bring some Pikmin along. Then attack it, then it will flip over. When it gets back up it will make a fog around him, making regular Pikmin turn into Mushroom Pikmin. If the Pikmin are idle when it does this, the Mushroom Pikmin will attack the Puffstool. There is a glitch that the Mushroom Pikmin will follow Olimar. Olimar must call them right before the Puffstool does its fog, then the Mushroom Pikmin will follow Olimar. Olimar can't call them, disband them, and if he tells them to do a task, they will get it done. Then turn back to regular Pikmin after the task, at End of Day, also when Olimar stores them in the Onion. Depending on what type of Pikmin it was before getting hit be the spore, it will have that Pikmin's abilities. Like if a Blue Pikmin gets sprayed, the Mushroom Pikmin can swim and run fast. Mushroom Pikmin were absent from Pikmin 2. They are in the Pikmin Family. If you count Mushroom Pikmin, Bulbmin, and Pikmar as a type of Pikmin, there are ten types.


Mushroom Pikmin don't have notes, they are absent from the Enemy Reel, and Olimar doesn't make a ship log about them. These guys aren't in Pikmin 2, so Louie couldn't make notes about them either.

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