Mushroom Bridge is a course found in Mario Kart: Double Dash‼ and Mario Kart DS.

There are a total of two shortcuts on this course. After the first tunnel, you can take the dirt road up the hill with a mushroom, and then take a sharp turn in order to get back onto the track. You don't lose too much time with this tactic, especially if you don't have a mushroom, so use it only when you can boost your way past the dirt road. The second shortcut is at the end of the track. You can ride up the two supports of the bridge here, where you'll find a trio of turbo strips as well as an item box. It's a very risky shortcut though, since there aren't any railings on the supports, you'll often fingd yourself falling off into the water.


Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

Mushroom Bridge is a track in the Flower Cup of MKDD. Like its name replies, it takes place in a bridge with huge mushroom houses and cars inhabiting this course. Unlike all of courses, it often takes place in evening time with greenish-blue or pale teal sky. It has grassy white cliffs and several tunnels. This is often short traffic course to be seen in Mario Kart series and games.

Layout: You start behind the brownish-orange bridge with slate-grey road splitting into 3 lanes. Avoid water-blue, butter-yellow and tomato-red cars as you see in the course because hitting them will automatically knock you backwards and they also delete your items away. You then go to the tunnel under the grassy, ice-white cliffs above it. Going tunnel could be extremely fun because it has wonderful blue lights above to make it staggering and extra-ordinary. You go to really deep road as your speed increases little. There are two decisions: if you want to prefer deep, straight road go to left. If you want ignore left and prefer straight, go to the chalky cliff with ash-grey path. You need a good items such as Mushroom or Star to go through the cliff since this slows you down dramatically. You will see another tunnel. This tunnel is exactly the same the previous one, but its more shorter. Go to the brownish-orange bridge and head to finish.

Mario Kart DS

Mushroom Bridge also reappeared as a final track of Leaf Cup. It looks exactly the same as the one in previous Mario Kart game, Mario Kart Double Dash!!. But the only the modification that there are now small lorries in this course. And the mango-orange/pine-green lights replaced watery-blue light. Both of these lights separate in left and right: mango-orange light is in left lane while the pine-green light is in right lane. Also you cannot drive on the edges on the bridge.

Mario & Sonic at the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games

This is the course for the Groove Pipe Snowboard Dream Event. The entire road is covered in snow and the course is mostly downhill with Warp Pipes and a cannon to take racers to the top of each island. Wiggler Buses can be seen on roads that are inaccessible to the players and a single Wiggler Bus stationary on the bridge serves as a small ramp for the racers. 
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