The Mushmellow (JP) is Toad's first kart that he can race with in Mario Kart DS. It matches Toad, as it is a marshmallow/Mushroom-like kart that looks like it has been carved out so that someone can fit inside. There is really not much detail or design to the kart, but it does have a cool looking exhaust in the back with two pipes. Its emblem is a Super Mushroom, unless the player has their own emblem, in which case it will be used instead.

This is Toad's most famous kart in Mario Kart DS, but its poor items stat does stop some people from using it.


  • Speed - 4/10
  • Acceleration - 9/10
  • Weight - 3/10
  • Handling - 7/10
  • Drift - 7/10
  • Items - 3/10


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