Murch ​is a character in Splatoon 2.

Similar to Spyke in Splatoon, Murch offers services that tweak abilities on gear. In addition to the same services Spyke offered, he provides a new service called gear scrubbing. Gear scrubbing wipes a gear item clean of its filled sub ability slots, turning it back into an item with no slots filled. However, all abilities removed in this manner (and when re-rolling abilities) are turned into collectibles called "ability chunks". When enough ability chunks of the same kind are collected, they can be converted back into the corresponding ability and be put freely into a sub-ability slot on any gear. If ability chunks are used on a slot that is already filled, the new ability will replace the slot's contents and the old ability will be converted into an ability chunk.

He can also deliver orders made via SplatNet on the Nintendo Switch Online app.

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