Template:Character box Muddy Mole, usually simply called Muddy, is the main character and protagonist of the Game Boy game, Mole Mania.

Mole Mania

Muddy Mole

Muddy Mole and his family

While Muddy was underground, the local groundskeeper, Jinbe, captured his children and his wife and ran off with them. When he finally popus up out of the ground, an elderly mole tells him this, and Muddy soon runs off to save his family.

Jinbe, however, sets traps, and has hoards of lackeys out to capture Muddy. But fortunately, Muddy, using his ability to dig underground, can hide himself from enemy attacks or bypass fences or barriers. As Muddy gets closer to Jinbe, the traps get more dangerous, but Muddy continues onward. Along the way, he pushes around bombs and collects cabbages.

For each of Jinbe's lackeys that Muddy defeated in battle, one of Muddy's children was released. Jinbe was the final confrontation, and by duly defeating the gruff man, Muddy was able to save his darling wife and return home with his children.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl rumor

In late 2007, when rumors were flying around like never before about Super Smash Bros. Brawl, one article claimed that Muddy was going to be an Assist Trophy, along with Rosalina and Duster. This claim was proven false upon the game's release.

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