Mt. Chimney is one of the locations in the Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. It is one of the tallest mountain in the Hoenn region. The game's respective teams take over it as the player arrives. It is accessed from a lift in Route 112 and leads to the Jagged Pass.


After leaving Mauville City, members of Team MagmaR/E/OR or Team Aqua S/AS steal a meteorite from Meteor Falls and put it in a machine attempting to activate the volcano. After defeating the Team Leader, they give up and leave.

After they leave, an old lady will be selling Lava Cookies for PokémonDollar200. In the third generation, several trainers appear around the crater after visiting Lavaridge Town.


Item Location Game
Meteorite After defeating Maxie/Archie. Taken from machine in the original RSEORAS
Protein Sprite Protein Eastern side of the crater (hidden) ORAS
Zinc Sprite Zinc At the very end of the path behind the cable car station (hidden) ORAS
Fire TM TM59 Past the glass platform, down the pathway ORAS


Item Price
Lava Cookie Sprite Lava Cookie PokémonDollar200


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