Ms. Mowz is a character and party member in the game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Though she is useful in the game, she is an optional character, meaning that the player doesn't need to have her to Mario's party. She is Squeek character whom collects rare badges to sell at her shop, the Lovely Howz of Badges. Mario will encounter her throughout the game, usually right after she steals what she came for, but kisses Mario right before leaving. The player can get her to join Mario's party by accepting the "Elusive Badge" trouble at the Trouble Center in Rogueport. Her special ability is to detect hidden items.

Role in Games

She first appears in Hooktail's Castle to steal some rare badges from her. She meets Mario and tells him there is a badge n the castle that sounds like a cricket.

She appears next in the Great Boggly Tree where she knocks out an X-Naut soldier and takes some badges. She meets Mario again and tells him that the Emerald Star is at the bottom of the tree.

In the Glitz Pit she can be seen standing by herself. Later in the chapter she steals some valuables and encounters Mario again. She leaves him saying to check upstairs.

She runs the Lovely Howz of Badges in Rogueport when not venturing. She is the last member to join Mario and can help by sniffing out valuables like Star Pieces or Badges.

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