Mrs. Shroomlock (also referred to as Mrs. S) is the wife of Shroomlock and a housekeeper in the game Mario Party Advance. She is a Toad with a purple cap. Additionally, Mrs. Shroomlock is a huge gossip; her only purpose in Mario Party Advance is to tell gossip that may help the player on quests, characters, and other events when she is optionally visited. The ending of the game states that she became addicted to infomercials.


  • "You know what? There's a secret room in a condo somewhere. Wish I could find it." (Big Boss Bob-omb)
  • "I've heard that someone in the jungle is dying to meet Yoshi. Weird, huh?" (Dino of Mystery!)
  • "There's a popular rap group in town. They're staying in the condo, I understand. Somewhere on the second floor, I think." (Kamek Krew Live!)
  • "Have you seen those vending machines? The darned things sell nothing but coal!" (Locomotionless)
  • "There's someone in a very scary area... who has his "eye" on the princess!" (Love That Princess!)
  • "I've heard that someone deep in the jungle has it in for Mario and Luigi. I'm worried about those boys." (Mustached Hero!)
  • "On the first floor of the condo, there's a total cartoon maniac. He knows the plot of every single episode." (Mushbert)
  • "A new cartoon is taking this town by storm! It's about a robot called Toad something." (Toad Force V)
  • "Out in the desert, there's a bird with a strange way of speaking. Weird!" (Treasure of Mystery!)
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