Mr. X

Mr. X is the main antagonist in Mega Man 6. He is the fake persona of Dr. Wily.


Dr. Wily puts in his glasses and wears a black robe to be Mr. X. Soon, he controlled the robots, Plant Man, Tomahawk Man, Yamato Man, Knight Man, Centaur Man, Wind Man, Flame Man and Blizzard Man to take over the world. Later, Mr. X created a castle and has a machine called the X Crusher. After the defeat, X revealed to be Dr. Wily.

X Crusher

The X Crusher is a large machine that swings around the room.

It will be difficult to destroy the X Crusher without its weakness. Mega Man must use Flame Blast at it and will shoot some energy balls and must be avoided. The X Crusher repeats again and again. It's also difficult to hit the machine with Flame Blast. Mega Man could use a Charged Shot instead.


  • Before unleashing to become Dr. Wily, Mr. X's quote has a typo, "My plan for world domination has faild". The typo he said was fixed in Mega Man Anniversary Collection.
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