Mr. Stevenson is the main protagonist of the Nintendo Entertainment System game, Gumshoe. He is a former FBI agent gone detective and has a daughter named Jennifer. According to the Official Nintendo Player's Guide, his first and middle initials are R. L., indicating he was named after Robert Louis Stevenson.



The game starts when Mr. Stevenson receives a message from the Mafia Boss King Dom. It says that he has captured Jennifer and the only way Mr. Stevenson can get to see his daughter again is to collect the five Black Panther Diamonds and bring them to King Dom within 24 hours. Mr. Stevenson traveled through four locations on the hunt for the Diamonds, the city, the sky, the sea and the jungle. At the end of the jungle the monster Zulie appeared and Mr. Stevenson had to kill it in order to get the last Diamond. If he had the other four, he would enter King Dom's hideout and reunite with his daughter. However, the game makes fun of the second quest, the more difficult version of the same game many NES games have, and says that Jennifer was kidnapped again later the same day, and he ones again needs to do the same task.

Mr. Stevenson doesn't actually do much himself. He walks continually but the player has to shoot him with the Zapper to make him jump and shoot the enemies to protect him. There are also power ups that Mr. Stevenson can grab to protect himself from danger, such as power drinks and a helmet.

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