Mr. Sandman is a character in the Punch-Out!! series. He is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is usually one of the strongest boxers in the series. He's been in most of the Punch-Out!! games, along with Bald Bull. The only game he wasn't in was Super Punch-Out!! for the arcade.

Mr. Sandman's first appearance was in the original Punch-Out!! for the arcade. Here, he was the champion of the W.V.B.A. and the final opponent in the game. He wears gold (or yellow) boxing gloves to signify that he's the champion. Once the player defeats him, they start the game over with Glass Joe and the game becomes harder.

Mr. Sandman's next appearance was in the NES title, Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!, later remade into Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream. Here he's ranked #1 in the World Circuit and is the last opponent Little Mac faces before Super Macho Man. He is a very difficult opponent to beat, as he punches fast and hard. His triple uppercut move (later known as the "Dreamland Express") is especially hard, as it takes a fraction of a second to realize he's about to use the move. He is notorious for being one of the most difficult opponents in the game, even harder than Super Macho Man.

Mr. Sandman later appears in Super Punch-Out!! for the SNES. He is the champion of the Major Circuit in this game, and is not as difficult to defeat as he was before. Like in the NES game, he has a triple uppercut move, though he doesn't use it until he's already been knocked down twice. He also has a triple jab, in with the third punch cannot be blocked.

Mr. Sandman appears in the new Punch-Out!! game for the Wii. Strangely enough, he is the final opponent of this game, rather than be the last strong opponent before Super Macho Man. After being defeated by Little Mac, Mr. Sandman is shown training in a gym preparing for a fight with Little Mac in the Title Defence mode. After seeing Mac's poster on the wall, he goes on a rampage, destroying the entire gym. This shows that he has a burning hatred for little Mac, similar to Bowser's feelings towards Mario.


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  • "Welcome to Dreamland, baby!"