Mr. Carpainter (or just Carpainter) is a boss from the SNES game EarthBound, appearing as a hypnotized man that is used to do evil things.


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He is the leader of the Happy Happy Cult, a cult in love with the color blue, who live in Happy Happy Village. He bought the Evil Mani Mani statue from Lier X. Agerate before Ness got to Twoson. Because of the influence of the statue, he believes painting the world blue was the key to happiness. In addition, Carpainter's cult was also planning to sacrifice young girl Paula Polestar, only to be stopped by Ness.

Carpainter displays powerful lightning attacks. However, Ness can receive a Franklin Badge from Paula before the battle so that it redirects the lightning to him. After he is defeated, he finds the statue had been controlling him and apologizes for everything he'd caused.

(+) Max HP: 262 - Max PP: 70 - Offense: 33 - Defense: 45 - Speed: 8 - Guts: 13 - Exp.: 1412 - Money: $195 - No chance of getting an item

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