Movement is a type of stat used in strategy and strategy role-playing games used to determine how far a unit can travel in a single turn. This stat is determined by the unit's class rather than increasing as the unit levels up. The range of the movement stat can be affected by the different types of terrain. Deserts and Forests can hinder a unit reducing their movement


Fire Emblem series

In the Fire Emblem series, the character's class determines the movement stat with the heavy armored classes having lower movement than mounted units. The stat stays the same except with a class change or certain items like Boots. The only exception is in Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 where the stat has a very low growth rate. Flying units

In Fire Emblem Heroes, the stat is more straightforward with horse units can move 3 spaces, infantry and flying units can move 2 spaces and armored units can only move one space.

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