Motley Bossblob is a boss that appears in Super Mario 3D World. It appears as some kind of Koopa jester that can gather blobs to increase its size and power.

He appears in 6-C, Bowser-A, and Flower-12: Boss Blitz. In 6-C, he takes a silver form, in Bowser-A he takes a golden form, and in Flower-12:Boss Blitz he has a ruby form. The jester itself will also change colors in 6-C it will appear Red and Blue (as seen on the right), in Bowser-A he will appear Green and Purple, and in Flower-12:Boss Blitz He will appear Teel and a darker red.

In battle, he will jump around the field causing shock waves jump over them to not take damage, another attack he has is after enough jumps, (depending on the forms; First attack-3, second attack-5, and third attack-7). Afterwards, he will implode into the jester and a bunch of gelatinous beings. The gelatinous beings will chase you and the Jester will run away. The blobs will get in the way but, they will disappear when jumped on. They sometimes leave Double Cherries and if the jester isn't hit, he will be smaller when he reforms the blobs. When the jester is hit, he will be restored to start the next phase but, after getting hit a third time, he will be defeated.


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