Morpho Knight also known as Reborn Butterfly or Dark-Winged Disaster is a fusion of Galacta Knight and the Butterfly that appears in the main Kirby platformers, debuting in Kirby Star Allies. He is said to have formed when ”the greatest warrior in the galaxy“, a being twisted by his dark past, came in contact with the symbol of purity. He is the final Boss of the "Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!" mode.


Morpho Knight strongly resembles Meta Knight. He wears red armour and has white eyes and an orange mask in his normal form. His EX form changes his eye colour to red, while he has black armour.

Kirby series

Kirby Star Allies

Morpho Knight appears immediately after Hyness falls in combat. When he makes his entrance, Galacta Knight comes from a swirling portal, the Butterfly then approach him and land on his spear before absorbing him and transforming into Morpho Knight. Like Galacta Knight and Meta Knight, Morpho Knight is able to use his sword to block attacks. He is also able to teleport. In his second phase, he summons two flamming swords that can be enlarged to cover a lot of the screen (In his EX form, he summons holes that can suck you in which can prevent you from dodging his swords). Morpho Knight also has the ability to emit a soundwave that will take control of the Allies. He can also counterattack in his EX form. When he is downed, Morpho Knight gracefully disintegrates into butterflies.

Super Kirby Clash

In Super Kirby Clash, the level 14 equipment of the Sword Hero is based on Morpho Knight. The weapon is a direct replica of Morpho Knight's sword while the armor is based on his helmet.


Kirby Star Allies pause screen

"On the day of judgment, this fluttery fiend will fly into action. Brought into existence by ”the greatest warrior in the galaxy“ and reborn as a knight of doom through years of adversity—now begins an epic battle with a pure being twisted by a dark past."

Kirby Star Allies pause screen (EX)

"Come judgement day, this fluttery fiend will fly into action. Will it land in a dream world, or a nightmare? It has mastered its new abilities, now all will witness its true power!"

Super Kirby Clash Morpho Doomhelm description

"Defensive gear inspired by "the knight of doom." This helmet appeared in response to the screams of the most powerful warrior in the galaxy."


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