Morph Moth

Morph Moth.

Morph Moth is a Maverick and one of the eight bosses in Mega Man X2 designed to resemble a moth. He has the ability to throw junk on someone, and even doing a spiraling attack with it.


Mega Man X2

The battle will be difficult to beat Morph Moth without his weakness and he has two forms.

Part 1: Cocoon Form

Morph Moth will swing when the battle begins. He'll throw junk at X when he swings and he'll later spin to throw junk when he's on the ground. Morph Moth will also create a junk bar, to make it more difficult if Mega Man X doesn't prepare. The form will repeat the pattern again. When his health read "13", the cocoon will go up the screen and turn into Morph Moth.

Part 2: Morph Moth

After the cocoon went up, Morph Moth now has the ability to fly. He'll throw dust when he flies, making the fight difficult. The best way to avoid is to stand behind the door leading to the arena on the left. Moth will also fire a laser where X is standing and his second form will repeat the pattern again.

Mega Man Xtreme series

Morph Moth will behave like the one in his first appearance. In Mega Man Xtreme, his projectiles damage less and he's weak to Rolling Shield or Speed Burner, but in Mega Man Xtreme 2, the projectiles have the damage increased. As Zero, he shouldn't underestimate him as this could be a threat and using Rising would make the fight easier to beat. In addition, he's weak to Ray Claw as it can cut off his wings.

Other media

Morph Moth appears in the manga, Rockman X.

Morph Moth also appears in the Carddas, Rockman X Mega Mission.


  • Morph Moth's stage doesn't have either bottomless pits or spikes. The other is Flame Stag, but the lava doesn't kill X in a hit.
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