Mordecai ​is a playable character from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, and is a warrior of Gallia. Alongside Lethe, he is stationed in Crimea to offer support and to foster relations between the two nations.

In Path of Radiance, it is interesting to note that Mordecai is rather agile even in his human form, as he is able to perform back flips whenever he dodges attacks.


Mordecai is portrayed as one of the more peace-loving and innocent beast laguz characters, and appears to bear no ill will towards the Beorc race. This may be observed through his interactions with Ilyana, where he treats her with kindness and offers her money to purchase food for herself. Mordecai's tender heart has led him to close his eyes before attacking his enemies, as he has no wish to see them getting torn into shreds.

As can be observed through a Base Conversation between several Crimean villagers, Mordecai loves children tremendously, where they comment on how he helped rebuild their village and how the children liked to play with him. His gentle nature shows when he meets Mist, as he admits being afraid that he will scare her with his appearance. He even showed generosity toward Beorc like Ilyana to fill her constant desire for food.

Although Mordecai is Lethe's subordinate, he often reprimands her for her violent and hostile behavior towards the beorc in Path of Radiance. In spite of this, however, he has been shown to be unable to back his rage when he is once referred to as a sub-human by Soren. Apart from this one incident, Mordecai has never displayed any other fits of blind rage, garnering the adoration of several beorc individuals with his tranquil nature.

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