Moonview Highway(JP) is a course in Mario Kart Wii. As the name implies, there are cars driving on the road which racers must avoid, or their cart will be flattened or flipped over. The city part has flashing buildings, billboards, and a boulevard which contains Boost Pads.


Mario Kart Wii

The player begins in a forest, and will approach a stone wall, and turn right. Cars start driving here, after the left turn following the right one. Following a curving road and more stone walls, there is a sharp right turn with no safety guards, but a platform to make the drift easier. Next, the player passes over a bridge over a beautiful waterfall. The player then passes through to the city, full of lights and toll booths, though they will open automatically. The player goes under and overpass and turns right, and you can see some Miis in phone booths and also some billboards. After the scenery, the player drives into a boulevard. You can speed yourself using the boosts. You then go through a tunnel and one more toll booth, and to the finish. In the end of the race, cars will start acting aggressively and more cars will appear.


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