Monster Tale is a 2D platformer developed by DreamRift, and released by Majesco in 2011. It follows the adventures of a girl named Ellie and her monster friend, Chomp to restore the peace in Monster World



Here, A monster invades the bottom screen, forcing Chomp to fight it.

Monster Tale mixes up two unlikely types of games: pet simulators, and platforming. The mix does the game good.  The top screen is where the action happens, and the bottom screen has Chomp to investigate items that Ellie tosses down to him. Ellie can occasionally summon Chomp to help her fight. 

The game is structured similar to Metroid game. 


Reception & Legacy

The game was received fairly well upon its release praising its sprites and Metroid-like platforming. The game received a 79 on MetaCritic and a 80.62% on GameRankings.

Monster Tale Ultimate, a remake of the game for the 3DS announced in Nintendo Force Issue 14.

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