Monster Manor (known in Japan, Britain, and Australia as StreetPass Mansion) is a DLC game for StreetPass Mii Plaza. It was developed by Prope.


In Monster Manor, the chosen Mii is an investigator trying to solve the mystery of a haunted house by getting to the 30th floor, with the help of their partner, Iris Archwell, as well as the other investigators inside. The player explores numerous floors and battles numerous monsters along the way. However, there is a catch, as most of the rooms in the mansion are hidden and can only be revealed by setting down map pieces provided by the other investigators. Finding the stairs in each floor is also the only way to progress to the next one. There are also bosses on certain floors that guard the stairs, and the player will not be able to get to the next floor until that boss is defeated.

After reaching the top floor, the player encounters Arzodius, the Demon King. Iris tells the player that the manor used to belong to a scientist whose daughter got sick and passed away. The scientist made a deal with some ghosts to revive his daughter in exchange for a passage into the world, but Arzodius possessed the scientist and took over.

After defeating Arzodius, the manor is restored to normal and Iris Archwall tells the player their records in the game. The credits will then roll not long afterwards. Successfully clearing the game will award the player with the Demon King hat.


Monster Manor's gameplay is fairly straightforward, and is segmented out into different modes. The player will first be allowed to set a tile, which may result in a monster encounter. If the set tiles create a room, it can result in anything from the player finding new items, to teaming up with other Miis, to being able to store or upgrade items in an extradimensional box.


Monster Manor's battle system has the setup of a traditional RPG, but instead of being turn-based, enemies attack in real-time, randomized intervals. The player, however, is allowed to freely attack so long as their weapon has at least one "Battery," which recharge automatically as long as the player does nothing. For most weapons, the player can charge up an attack, which can do considerably greater damage to enemies. Furthermore, a strong enough attack, used while an enemy is launching their own assault, will result in a counterattack, halting the enemy's attack completely.

Additionally, the player can put up a defensive shield at any time, so long as they are not charging, attacking, and have at least some amount of battery left. Mitigating risks between charging, counterattacking, and defending make up the core of battle. Defeating an enemy with a single shot, or without taking any damage will also yield bonuses.

Creating Rooms

Each "Piece" that the player receives from a Mii, or an investigator hired using Play Coins, can be anywhere from one to five tiles in size. Whenever four tiles of the same color create a square, a room is created, which yield some form of resource to the player. With this format, larger rooms can be created as well.

The game urges the player to make the largest rooms possible, but this is only a half-truth. An existing room that has new pieces added onto it will yield rewards, but they will ultimately be somewhat minimal. The most powerful weapons and items come from creating a massive room all at once, rather than expanding. Carefully framing a long hallway of one color around a five-tile shape, and then placing a piece of that shape can result in some of the game's most powerful rewards.

It should be noted, however, that regardless of the size of the rooms, the general quality of items found steadily increases as the player proceeds up the manor. A weapon obtained on the first floor will be significantly inferior to one found on the 25th.

Effects of Miis

If StreetPass interacts with another player of Monster Manor, that player's Mii may appear in a newly-created room and team up with the current player's Mii for battles with monsters. If they appear in a room, Miis of players who don't have Monster Manor will give one or more items to the current player. A special Mii will always offer up to five pieces for the player to choose from, and, if appearing in a room, give the Mii an unsolved puzzle box.


  • Grey = Starting Area
  • Beige = Empty Space
  • Black = Room that the Floor Comes With
  • Red Circle = Ghost
  • Dark Grey with X = Columns (Unusable Space)
Floor # Layout
Floor 1 Floor 01.png
Floor 2 Floor 02.png
Floor 3 Floor 03.png
Floor 4 Floor 04.png
Floor 5 Floor 05.png
Floor 6 Floor 06.png
Floor 7 Floor 07.png
Floor 8 Floor 8.png
Floor 9 Floor 09.png
Floor 10 Floor 10.png
Floor 11 Floor 11.png
Floor 12 Floor 12.png
Floor 13 Floor 13.png
Floor 14 Floor 14.png
Floor 15 Floor 15.png
Floor 16 Floor 16.png
Floor 17 Floor 17.png
Floor 18 Floor 18.png
Floor 19 Floor 19.png
Floor 20 Floor 20.png

List of Weapons

There are a total of 40 weapons, 8 in five categories. Weapons can mainly be obtained from treasure chests. The more deluxe a treasure chest is, the rarer the weapon inside can be. Collecting all of the weapons earns the player a plaza ticket.

Light Weapons

Light weapons are indicated with a white blast mark. They are strong against ghost enemies such as Smiling Specter. They are well-balanced weapons. You are also given a Rusty Blaster by Iris Archwall to start with.

Weapon Name Batteries Recharge Speed Charge Level Charge Speed Picture
Rusty Blaster 3/8 2/5 0/3 0/5 Rusty Blaster.png
Spirit Shooter 2/8 3/5 1/3 2/5 Spirit shooter.png
Ghostopper 3/8 3/5 2/3 2/5 Ghoststopper.png
Stargazer Special 5/8 2/5 3/3 1/5 Stargazer special.png
Atomic Ray Gun 3/8 1/5 2/3 2/5 Atomic ray gun.png
Handyman's Helper 5/8 4/5 3/3 3/5 Handyman's helper.png
Shuriken Beam 6/8 4/5 1/3 2/5 Shuriken beam.png
Sonic Surprise 7/8 3/5 3/3 3/5 Sonic surprise.png

Fire Weapons

Fire weapons are indicated with a red flame mark. They are strong against book enemies such as Possessed Painting. They have high charge levels, but have few battery units.

Weapon Named Batteries Recharge Speeds Charge Levels Charge Speeds Pictures
Pyrotech Pack 3/8 1/5 2/3 2/5 Pyrotech pack.png
Kerosene Kindler 2/8 2/5 2/3 2/5 Kerosene kindler.png
Antique Incinerator 1/8 3/5 3/3 3/5 Antique incinerator.png
Candle Cannon 2/8 3/5 2/3 3/5 Candle cannon.png
Jack-o'-Magnum 2/8 4/5 3/3 4/5 Jack-o'-magnum.png
Ovenator 1/8 2/5 3/3 1/5 Ovenator.png
Fiery Phoenix 3/8 1/5 3/3 2/5 Fiery phoenix.png
Dragon's Breath 3/8 5/5 3/3 3/5 Dragon's breath.png

Electric Weapons

Electric weapons are indicated with a yellow bolt mark. The are strong against metallic enemies such as Possessed Armor. They have many battery units, but slow charge speed.

Weapon Names Batteries Recharge Speeds Charge Levels Charge Speeds Pictures
Static Slinger 5/8 2/5 1/3 1/5 Static slinger.png
Volt Blaster 7/8 3/5 2/3 1/5 Volt blaster.png
Sparkatron 6/8 2/5 1/3 2/5 Sparkatron.png
N-1 Plasma Rifle 6/8 3/5 1/3 2/5 N-1 plasma rifle.png
Lightning Wand 8/8 2/5 3/3 3/5 Lightning wand.png
Electro-Zapper 5/8 1/5 2/3 2/5 Electro-zapper.png
Stormslayer 5/8 2/5 2/3 2/5 Stormslayer.png
Thunder Hammer 8/8 4/5 3/3 2/5 Thunder hammer.png

Ice Weapons

Ice weapons are indicated with a blue snowflake mark. They are strong against monster enemies such as Vampire. They have fast recharge speed, but cannot charge to a third level.

Weapon Names Batteries Recharge Speeds Charge Levels Charge Speeds Pictures
Cryocutter 3/8 3/5 1/3 2/5 Cryocutter.png
Snowblower 3/8 4/5 2/3 2/5 Snowblower.png
Frostfang 2000 3/8 4/5 1/3 1/5 Frostfang 2000.png
Abominable Snowgun 4/8 5/5 2/3 4/5 Abominable snowgun.png
Coldozer 2/8 3/5 1/3 3/5 Coldozer.png
Blizzard Blaster 4/8 4/5 1/3 2/5 Blizzard blaster.png
Creamy Carbine 6/8 5/5 2/3 3/5 Creamy carbine.png
Crystal Cannon 4/8 5/5 1/3 3/5 Crystal cannon.png

Wind Weapons

Wind weapons are indicated with a green air mark. They are strong against bone enemies such as Skeleterrier. They have fast charge speed, but slow recharge speed.

Weapon Names Batteries Recharge Speeds Charge Levels Charge Speeds Pictures
Ultrawing 4/8 1/5 1/3 3/5 Ultrawing.png
Sylvan Striker 3/8 2/5 1/3 3/5 Sylvan striker.png
Courtly Combat Fan 5/8 2/5 3/3 5/5 Courtly combat fan.png
Supercooler 3/8 2/5 1/3 5/5 Supercooler.png
Salon Special 3/8 1/5 1/3 4/5 Salon special.png
Windkeeper's Fury 4/8 3/5 3/3 5/5 Windkeeper's fury.png
Annihilating Air Pump 2/8 1/5 2/3 5/5 Annihilating air pump.png
Nimbus Nightmare 3/8 2/5 2/3 4/5 Nimbus nightmare.png


Three main bosses are fought three times each throughout the course of the game, and Arzodius serves as the final boss and is fought twice in the game.

Plaza Tickets

A total of 22 "Plaza Tickets" can be earned throughout the game.

  1. Clear the first floor.
  2. Clear the fifth floor.
  3. Clear the fifteenth floor.
  4. Clear the thirtieth floor.
  5. Set a total of 100 pieces
  6. Completely fill a floor with pieces
  7. Open a total of 100 chests
  8. Defeat a total of 100 enemies
  9. Team up a total of 10 times
  10. Solve a total of 10 puzzle boxes
  11. Solve every puzzle box (NOTE: There are 50 total, 10 for each difficulty)
  12. Collect all the weapons
  13. Find a plaza ticket in a wooden chest
  14. Find a second plaza ticket in a wooden chest
  15. Find a plaza ticket in an iron chest
  16. Find a second plaza ticket in an iron chest
  17. Find a plaza ticket in a bronze chest
  18. Find a second plaza ticket in a bronze chest
  19. Find a plaza ticket in a silver chest
  20. Find a second plaza ticket in a silver chest
  21. Find a plaza ticket in a gold chest
  22. Find a second plaza ticket in a gold chest


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