Momotaro Dentetsu 2017: Tachiagare Nippon!! is the first Momotaro Dentetsu game for the Nintendo 3DS and is developed by Valhalla Games. It is normally owned by Konami, but it was licensed to Nintendo.


The game is similar to various board games like Monopoly. The goal is to earn the most money before the game ends. A player does this by buying shops along the train tracks. The player that gets to a destination first also gets a bonus. At the end of each in-game year in March, the sum total of possessions and money is announced. Players too slow to their destination will get possessed by a god of poverty which will make the player lose money in various ways. This god of poverty can be passed around by escaping last place. There are also 130 different skill cards that affect the state of the game.

The game supports download play multiplayer a la Mario Party: Star Rush in that each player only needs to download an app from the 3DS eShop and they get the full multiplayer experience.

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