Image of Moltz.

Moltz the Very Goonie is a the mid-boss of World 5 of Yoshi's Island DS. Initially, it is a normal Hefty Goonie who is enlarged by Kamek's magic. Moltz is also the only Hefty Goonie that appears in Yoshi's Island DS. He tries to crush Yoshi by belly-flopping on him as they both freefall from space. In order to beat Moltz, Yoshi must flutter-jump above him, while avoiding his flailing wings and projectile feathers, and do a ground-pound on his head. After Moltz is hit, he flies and tries to attack Yoshi by sending Rocket Guys that Yoshi must avoid. Eventually, Moltz comes back down and Yoshi must hit him on the head again. After Moltz is hit on the head three times, he is defeated.


  • Moltz's name comes from the word "molt", when animals shed their old skin, feathers, fur, etc.