Molgera, also known as the Protector of the Seal, is a gigantic sand dwelling creature that serves as the Wind Temple Boss in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. It was the creature Ganondorf sent to kill Fado, the Wind Sage.


Molgera's main mode of attack is its gigantic gaping mouth, which can swallow Link and deal damage to him. Its other mean of attack is to summon Molgera Larvae to distract Link and prevent him to target its tongue, which acts as Molgera's only weak point.

To damage Moldera, Link must target its tongue with his Hookshot while Moldera has its mouth open above the sand. If the Molgera Larvae are out, Link will most likely need to get rid of them as they take priority whenn automatically targetting Molgera's tongue. After grabing its tongue and bashing it enough with the Master Sword, Molgera will die, leaving an Heart Container behind and allowing Makar to stay in the sanctuary, thus becoming the new Wind Sage.


Figurine (Wind Waker)

"This evil guarding burrows deep into sand. Use the Hookshot to draw out its tender tongue, then slash at it with your blade"

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