Mog is an optional playable character in Final Fantasy VI. He could be considered either a Dancer or a Geomancer because he dances, but does so to manipulate nature. To obtain him, the player must go to the top of Narshe where the Esper Valigarmanda is. He is held hostage by Lone Wolf the Pickpocket but an unknown force pushes them apart leaving them both hanging off the edge of the cliff. If the player rescues Lone Wolf, they get a Gold Hairpin, but then they cannot obtain Mog. The player must rescue Mog to have him join the party, but lose a Gold Hairpin in doing so. Mog is also the only character that can communicate and therefore recruit Umaro, another optional playable character. He is also the only character that can equip the Moogle Charm relic (Molulu's Charm in the Game Boy Advance version) which prevents all random enemy encounters.

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