Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii: Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2 is a Nintendo DS video game by iNiS that was published by Nintendo and released in 2007. The game is the successor to the 2005 game Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan, also released for the DS. The series' only release in Western territories is Elite Beat Agents, which was never released in Japan due to the heavy Western influences found within it. The game has Rumble Pak support when playing it on a Nintendo DS or DS Lite. The Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DSi XL, and any Nintendo 3DS don't feature this feature due to the omission of the Game Boy Advance slot where the Rumble Pak was supposed to be inserted. The game contains the same features as the original, with enhanced gameplay, new scenarios and new songs.

Level Plots

Level Name Song and Original Artist Ouendan Team Plot
Spring has Come! The Life-and-Death Battle of Unemployment! Sukima Switch-Zenryoku Shōnen Yuhi A man named Tsuyoshi Hanada (who also appeared in the first game) is trying to get a job. However, his family does not care, writing and scribbling on the papers he needs for his interview. Tsuyoshi calls the Ouendan to help him get a job and the support from his family.
Resound, Harmony! Regain the Golden Voice! Kaela Kimura-Rirura Rirura Asahi A girl named Yuria Satake, who recently switched to the prestigious Versailles Girl's Academy, joins the school's choir club. To her surprise, it's revealed that the only member of the club is Kaoruko Tsubaki, the president. She informs Yuria that due to losing contests, the choir had their expenses reduced, resulting in most members leaving. If they don't win at the National Competition this year, the club will be abandoned. Yuria and Kaoruko call the Ouendan to help them win the competition.
Get the Decisive Victory! Heave-ho at the Ring's Edge! FLOW-Okuru Kotoba Yuhi A sumo wrestler (known by his stage name Ebiyama) loses to a beginning sumo wrestler known as Garigariyama. Ebiyama's coach and Garigariyama tell him that if he does not do well in the tournament, he and his younger siblings will be out on the streets. Ebiyama calls the Ouendan to help him win.
A Savior has Come!? The Genius Doctor's New Challenge! Ken Hirai-Pop Star Asahi A surgeon named Shintarou Kuroiwa is begged by the hospital's director not to leave, but he does anyways. Shintarou leaves so he can visit a remote island and provide treatment to its inhabitants. However, he is quickly overwhelmed by the number of patients that beg him to help, as the island has no doctor of its own. Shintarou tells the islanders that he will only help the sick, but they believe that doctors are supposed to help all of their problems. Overwhelmed by requests, Shintarou calls the Ouendan to help him deal with all the islanders' problems.
Grab it! The Title Match of Devotion! Hitomi Yaida-Go My Way Yuhi A pro-wrestler named Kaede announces to her fans that she'll be retiring from wrestling to get married. Half a year later, Kaede works as an inn hostess. She tries to clean a pillar, but it falls down and hits her mother-in-law. Kaede's mother-in-law believes that Kaede is unfit to be a hostess, but Kaede's husband Kazuo disagrees. Kaede's mother-in-law has her serve Seizan, the master. If Kaede is unable to serve Seizan properly, she will be forced to leave Kazuo. Kaede calls the Ouendan to help her take care of her guest.
A Midday Duel! Protect Your Pride, Seize the Barber's Clippers! The Checkers-Julia ni Heartbreak Yuhi A barber named Karizou Moriyama is scolded by his coworker, Misaki, for only being able to provide one kind of haircut. Suddenly, a famous beautician named Eagle Shinagawa walks in and claims that he now owns the shop. While Misaki is happy, Karizou is not, and he claims that he is able to provide better haircuts than Eagle. Eagle responds by challenging Karizou to a cutting contest. Karizou calls the Ouendan to help him win the contest.
Dash Through the Milky Way! How's Business, Everyone in the Universe?? Going Under Ground-VISTA Asahi The owner of a shoe shop named Santarou Zaiko is yelled at by his daughter (who works at the store) for spending too much money. Santarou jokingly comments that they couldn't sell the shoes to aliens, but his daughter takes it seriously and gets an idea. Santarou is sent to space to sell shoes to aliens. If he does not, he will not return to Earth. Santarou calls the Ouendan to help him sell shoes.
Heroes Don't Retire!? Towards the Demon Island!! Home Made Kazoku-Shōnen Heart Yuhi An elderly retired hero named Momotaro Okayama is tasked with defeating demons at Demon Island, which he did once when he was younger. Momotaro refuses, but the pensioner who gave him the task leaves. Momotaro calls the Ouendan to help him defeat the demons, with assistance from his dog, parrot, and monkey.
A Werewolf's Pure Love!? Gang in there, hang in there, HOOWL!! mihimaru GT-Kibun Jōjō Asahi A construction worker named Gorou Ookami plans to go on a date with his friend Kumi. However, unbeknownst to her, he is a werewolf who hates seeing round things, such as his bald bosses head. After telling his boss about being a werewolf, his boss encourages him to go through with the date. Gorou calls the Ouendan to help the date go smoothly.
Do Your Best, Big Bro! No Water Leaks Allowed in Dreams!? Tomoyasu Hotei-Bambina Yuhi A boy named Takuya Matsurida is scolded by his mother for wetting the bed. Later that night, Takuya takes a bath and drinks a glass of milk, but his mother asks if he'll be able to not wet the bed that night. Later, when Takuya is sleeping, he calls the Ouendan to help him not wet the bed. This level contains references to the third level (with Ebiyama trying to help Takuya in his dreams) and the Mario series (a pair of plumbers are shown in Takuya's dreams, sporting the Mario Bros. colors).
A Graceful Delusion!? Grieve, Best-Selling Author!! SMAP-Bang! Bang! Vacances! Asahi A romance author named Christine Kamogawa has writer's block and cannot think of anything to write. One day before her deadline, she is still unable to think of anything. She calls upon the Ouendan (as well as typing "Ouendan" on her computer) to help her get inspiration to write a romance novel.
Jump! The Two Minds, Now as One!! Ai-Believe Asahi A figure skater named Rina Shiratori practices her skating in an ice rink. She greets her sister Mana, who does not want to skate, and has quit. Mana angrily leaves, jealous of her sister. Later, as Rina leaves the rink and crosses the street, she thinks about the argument she had with Mana. As she is too lost in thought, she does not realize that the crosswalk signal is set to stop, and she is struck and killed by an oncoming car. Mana realizes that she has to take up the mantle of figure skater, and heads to the ice rink. When she gets there, Rina's coach hands her figure skates to Mana. This level is notable for being the "sad level" of Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii: Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2.
Gather Your Knowledge! Can it Be Done, the Ultimate Weapon of Sweat and Tear?!! Kishidan-Zoku Yuhi Three businessmen named Mamoru Fukai, Kousuke Yamashita, and Soushi Yamada meet up near a factory that produces electronics, metal, and motors. The businessmen each own one of the companies, with Mamoru owning Fukai Electronics, Kousuke owning Yamashita Heavy Industries, and Soushi owning Yamada Motors. The three men plan to team up, but before they can, a giant cat named Nyaragon attacks the city. The businessmen realize that they must summon Fuji No. 1, a giant robot built to defend the factory... but it is immediately destroyed by Nyaragon. The businessmen call the Ouendan to help them build a robot that can defeat Nyaragon.
Mrs. Maximum Power!? Rescue the National Idol! Porno Graffiti-Music Hour Asahi Famous singer Jin Hoshikawa (also known as JIN2 or JINJIN) is performing for a crowd at a concert. Among those in the audience include Tamao Mita, Matsuko Shirogane, and Kazuyo Aoyama, who are housewives and huge fans of JIN2. As JIN2 is about to perform his next song, a thick fog appears. When it clears, it's revealed that JIN2 is being kidnapped by Ueda Moo, the leader of the Moo Moo Gang. Tamao, Matsuko, and Kazuyo attempt to save JIN2, but they fail. They call the Ouendan to help them save JIN2 again.
The Day of the Apocalypse. Earth Forever! HYDE-Countdown and Sambomaster-Sekai wa Sore o Ai to Yobundaze Yuhi (Part 1a), Asahi (part 1b), Both (part 2) In Yuhi, the three women from the fourteenth level are shopping, and remark on it being cold recently. Nearby, the author from the eleventh level is trying to calm her dog down. The four women look into the sky and are shocked by what they see. Meanwhile in Asahi, Misaki and Karizou (from the sixth level) are giving haircuts to Tsuyoshi and Ebiyama (from the first and third levels, respectively). Misaki mentions to Karizou how the temperature has been cold recently. Karizou turns on the TV, where a newscaster reveals that the sun's activity is stopping. Because of this, the whole world is freezing, and places like New York City, Honolulu, and Brazil are shown to have frozen. The women and the people in the barbershop are shocked. Everyone, including clients from the other previous levels, flee to a high spot, with Dan and Joe, from the first Ouendan, guiding them. A large chunk of ice falls from the sky and nearly hits the clients.

Just when everyone thinks the end is near, the Yuhi Ouendan appear. The Yuhi Ouendan inspire the clients to try to survive the crisis. Suddenly, the Asahi Ouendan also appear, and do the same thing. After a while, a large chunk of ice appears and almost strikes the Asahi Ouendan, but the Yuhi Ouendan push them out of the way, resulting in the Yuhi being hit.

The clients start to lose hope. Neither the Asahi or Yuhi Ouendan are anywhere to be seen. But Takuya from the tenth level believes that they are still alive, and he starts to chant for the Ouendan. The other clients hear this, and start to join in. The Asahi recover, and the clients change their chant to "Osu! Osu! Ouendan! Ouendan!" Due to the chants, the Yuhi are also revived, and they make amends with the Asahi. The two Ouendan decide to combine their powers.

The Ouendan continue as one, and their chanting spreads to the rest of the world, including Easter Island and New York City. Because of the world's chants, the Ouendan are successfully able to restore the sun's power and save the Earth.

Level Name Song and Original Artist Ouendan Team Plot
Thrown Away!?Comeback to that Girl!! Orange Range-Monkey Magic Asahi A teenager named Fuuka Yoshida asks her mother where two of her toys, a stuffed monkey named Saru, and a toy soldier are. Fuuka's mother informs her that she threw them out, as she thought Fuuka was done playing with them. Meanwhile, Saru and the soldier are in the dump. Saru and the soldier want to go back to Fuuka, so they call the Ouendan to help them get there.
Convey Your Feelings! Our Grand "Goodbye" Operation! Nana ft. Mika Nakashima- Yuhi A fourth-grader named Masashi meets his friends Gon and Ken next to a tree. Ken and Gon tease Masahi about having a crush on their classmate Sakura. Later, their teacher tells their class that Sakura will be moving away and transferring schools next month. Ken and Gon tells Masashi to tell Sakura his feelings, as it may be his last chance to. Masashi calls the Ouendan to help him confess his feelings before Sakura leaves, with Ken and Gon helping him.
What the Hell! Love, Go Ride the Electromagnetic Waves! ZZ-Samurai Blue Asahi On Christmas, an employee named Tarou Hayashi is running late to a Christmas party with a woman named Kyouka. He attempts to message her on his phone, but he bumps into a person dressed as Santa Claus and drops it into a manhole. Suddenly, a man emerges from Tarou's phone. His name is Packet-Man, and he will attempt to send Tarou's message to Kyouka in time. Packet-Man calls the Ouendan to help him get there, as he is currently stuck in the sewers.


  • The two towns and Ouendan teams are called the Asahi (new to this game) and Yuhi (appeared in the previous game). Asahi and Yuhi translate to "Morning Sun" and "Evening Sun" respectively.
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